Country: Germany
Coordinate 53° 24' 11", 8° 27' 23"
Pilot manager authority: Jade University of Applied Sciences
  • To increase public awareness and preparedness regarding floods to minimize subsequent damage
  • To unveil shortcomings by reviewing mechanisms concerning disaster management from individual preparations up to the request of national or international auxiliary forces
  • To link stakeholders (governmental and non-governmental) which are involved in disaster management to share problems and ideas and interactively develop solutions / strategies
  • To improve spatial planning / adaptation in terms of building flood resilience
Flood risk: Riverine, rainfall and sea flooding.

The flood hazard level is considered 1, not harmful.

In case of a storm surge with dike breaches, impacts are high (because area is low-lying and would be flooded quickly); in case of river or/and rainfall flooding the impacts are rather small scale / very localized.

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