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Alco Nijssen
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Profile text Alco Nijssen is an Aquatic Ecotechnologist
Alco Nijssen is an Aquatic Ecotechnologist specialized in GIS (Geografic Information Systems). In GIS he gathers, processes, analyses and visualizes geodata. A lot of data is available and the challenge is to choose relevant data and present it in a way users can easily use it. Nowadays more and more tools become available to share geodata in maps in user-friendly online applications. After his bachelor in Water Management at HZ University of Applied Sciences, Alco started as an assistant in the HZ ecology lab. After working as lab manager, lecturer and programme coordinator he decided to join the master Geographical Information Sciences in the UNIGIS programme at Free University Amsterdam. As a lecturer Alco is teaching GIS in the HZ programmes Aquatic Ecotechnology, Delta Management, Spatial Planning & Design and Civil Engineering. He is also study coach, tutor of work placement and thesis students and involved in recruiting new students. Since 2019 he is part of the research group Building with Nature working on the project Ecological Resilience. He produces suitability maps of the South Western Delta to see where eco engineering measures can make the delta more resilient.
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