Businesses thinking circular in Norfolk

Businesses thinking circular in Norfolk 

Despite the ongoing challenges posed by the continuing prevalence of COVID-19 in the country, Norfolk County Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council have been busily engaging with local businesses in different coastal resorts throughout the Borough.  

Reduce and recycle 

The FACET project has begun procurement of the necessary equipment to begin pilots with the input from local businesses and local government. We have procured bin lockdown frames, enclosures, ballot bins, and art bins to promote the reduction of on-street litter and increase recycling on the sea front.   

Ballot Bins and Bottleships 

Ballot Bins are termed by Hubub as such because they look like yellow ballot boxes. By posing an interesting question with two options, individuals are encouraged to change their behaviour to properly dispose of cigarette waste. In cases they have been used globally, it has been proven to reduce litter by up to 46% . The ballot bins will be used within the FACET project to lower on-street waste and as a way to engage with businesses.  

In cases Ballot Bins will be used globally, it has been proven to reduce litter by up to 46% .

Another waste solution that will engage tourist to reduce their single use plastics (SUP) are the art bins we have commissioned. These bins, which will be shaped like famous local ships, will encourage behavioural change in visitors to the local area through engaging visuals and activities. We will use these “BottleShips” as a way to bring attention to the amount of SUP that goes into the waste stream and local environment.

More solutions possible

In addition to these engaging waste solutions, we have also worked closely with businesses to implement pilot studies including community fridges to reduce food waste, and a reusable cup scheme to reduce the amount of disposable packaging used by businesses.   

If you are a business or entrepreneur within Great Yarmouth Borough and are interested in sharing your experiences or are keen to trial new green-schemes and integrated solutions Norfolk County Council want to hear from you. To find out more, contact:   

Jacqueline Zavala     Benjamin Gulliver  
Email:    Email:  


Businesses thinking circular in Norfolk