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End of international project FACET

After three years the international project FACET is ending. During our project, we achieved some great results that we want to share with others.

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Look at our project results from over the last three years.

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Final newsletter 2023

Find out more about FACET by reading our final newsletter.

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Recommendations for a more circular future

What changes are needed for more circularity in tourism? During our project we made some recommendations towards a more circular tourism sector

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A guide to help develop circular projects

ADEME created a practical guide to help tourism stakeholders develop touristic territorial ecology (TTE) projects.

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It is no more difficult than conventional building

The Biobased Beleven building is a special eye-catcher on the site at the Kleverkerkseweg in Middelburg. It is circularly built with as many biobased materials as possible. Maarten de Hollander, architect and researcher, tells more about it.

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Examples of circular business solutions

Entrepreneurs face the important challenge to use materials in a sustainable way. But how does that work? Look at the business models of entrepreneurs to see how.

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Project video's - summaries

In these videos, we tell you more about the FACET project and the contribution of each project partner

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FACET livestream

On 7 December, we proudly presented our results and gave a recommendation for the future. Did you miss this livestream? Then watch the stream back at your convenience.

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Invitation final conference

We would like to invite you to our final conference!

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Publication new White paper on accelerating the adoption of a CE in the tourism and leisure sector

A new white paper has been published under 'resources'

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Festive opening bio circular accommodation

On Thursday 17 November, the HZ University of Applied Sciences is organizing a festive opening of their pilot building

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Construction Bio-based accommodation

The construction of FACET pilot HZ University of Applied Sciences started.



Publication of informative 2-pagers

Read more about knowledge gained within the FACET project.

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Publication whitepaper

How local authorities can support small-medium size tourism enterprises in coastal destinations in six strategic steps. Read our white paper

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BottleShipsGY installed in Great Yarmouth, Hemsby and Gorleston

The Bottleships are aimed at encouraging beachgoers to dispose of their plastic drinks bottles correctly, preventing them from entering the sea.

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Partner meeting Great Yarmouth

Last week all projectpartners got together in Great Yarmouth.

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Introduction on the go recycling

Thanks to funding from the FACET project, increasing bin capacity along Great Yarmouth Seafront has begun.

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FACET partnermeeting Flushing

Last week all partners came together to share the knowledge and inspiration gained during our project on circularity in the tourism sector.

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FACET Newsletter

Curious about our findings? Read our newsletter and keep up-to-date!

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Article NRIT trend report

The Netherlands Research Institute for Recreation and Tourism published an article about FACET

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Cross-border meetings 

On November 8, 9 and 10 of this year, several online cross-border value chain meetings took place. The meetings were organised by the partners in the international Interreg 2 Seas project FACET.

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Entrepreneurs practice with circular solutions

During coaching sessions experts guided entrepreneurs towards the circular solutions that fit their specific needs and business.



6-step CE Strategic Framework

A 6-step CE Strategic Framework that would help local authorities to stimulate tourism and hospitality SME’s to adopt CE Solutions:

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Pilot showcase circular accommodation

In July, the circular dike suites opened at Camping & Villapark de Paardekreek, one of the partners in project FACET.

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Businesses thinking circular in Norfolk

Norfolk County Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council have been busily engaging with local businesses in different coastal resorts throughout the Borough.



Hemsby Community Cup

A reusable cup pilot known as the “Hemsby Cup”.

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Biobased building

A project group of five fourth-year students from the engineering program at the HZ University of Applied Sciences are working on the construction of a biobased experience building.

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Territorial touristic ecology in Hauts-de-France 

Territorial Touristic Ecology (TTE) is a way of looking at circular touristic entrepreneurship.



Circular online about FACET

On December 14, 2021 Circular Online published a article about our project!

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New tool! Practical toolkit circularity

In the tools section of this website we have added a new tool for entrepreneurs in the tourism sector in Zeeland.

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6 practical examples of circular entrepreneurship

The booklet “Circular entrepreneurship: from residual flow to added value” from Symbiosis4Growth examines 6 practical examples of successful implementations of circular practices



Communicating waste processing

How do you communicate your circular economy efforts to your guests?

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On the news: Opening Circular dike suites

The circular dike suites of Camping & Villapark de Paardekreek are open!

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FACET Survey

The FACET survey on Circular adoption and motivation is ready for you to complete!

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Update pilot Paardekreek

The pilot demonstrating viability of circular tourism accommodation has been updated!

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Beach pavilions are smart with waste: coffee grounds come back as a croquette

Six beach pavilions in Schouwen-Duiveland are looking into circular ways to reduce and recycle their waste.

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Newsletter February

We published our first newsletter!

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Join us - newsletter

Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed about the activity, insights and learinings in the Interreg 2 Seas project FACET.

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Bio-Circular Building

The Biobased building research group also joined the FACET project as project partner from 1 January 2021.

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Circular entrepreneurship

Value chain meetings: Last year partners Westtoer and Impuls Zeeland organized several circular value chain meetings.

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Smart bin technology

English partner Norfolk County Council (NCC) and Great Yarmouth Borough Council focused in 2020 on developing good strategic connections with their potential stakeholders and Smart Bins.

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Entrepreneurs Motivations

University of Greenwich is currently researching the motivations & barriers for entrepreneurs who want to start circular practices.

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Development models

One of the goals within the FACET project is to facilitate the development of circular economy communities.

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Circular Building

One of the Dutch partners in the Interreg 2 Seas project FACET is camping and villaparc the Paardekreek. They started with the circular building of dike suites.

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Value chain meeting

Last week NV Economische Impuls Zeeland organised a second expertmeeting for campsites and restaurants which was guided by Twigt-om and ZMf.

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Animation FACET project

The European FACET Interreg 2 seas project supports entrepreneurs in shifting from a linear to a circular economy in the tourism sector.