• Country: Netherlands
  • Type of provider: Campsite and Villapark
  • Focus:
    • Rethink
    • Reduce
    • Re-use
    • Refuse

Summary of the project

Camping Park Ons Buiten is a varied park that has been created in 1970 from an orchard on the outskirts of Oostkapelle. Over the years, the park has acted energetically and invested in the future. As a result, the camping park has developed into a medium-sized accommodation recreation company. Gabriel and Dagmar would like to offer the guests at the family business a particularly comfortable outdoor holiday. The issue with which they approached the FACET project partner is that they strive for a company that contributes to its environment in the broadest sense of the word, without a negative footprint. A business plan was therefore written with the help of the experts within FACET.

Business plan

In 2021, 24 coastal tourism entrepreneurs were enthusiastic to work towards a more circular business and presented us their specific challenges and needs. All of them stepped into an individual coaching program with external experts.

Early 2021, the experts accompanied the entrepreneurs in defining their needs more precisely. During several coaching sessions the experts were able to guide the entrepreneurs towards the circular solutions that fit their specific needs and business. Feasible and tailor-made advice was given and written down in a Circular design proposal and action plan. This resulted in a final Business plan.

Click here for the final business plan of campingpark Onsbuiten (Dutch only).


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Over deze practice

R-strategie: Reduce, Refuse, Rethink, Reuse
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