About us

The HZ Green Office is formed by a team of enthusiastic students from HZ University of Applied Sciences. We are passionate about sustainability and want to bring a change to the world! We organise different events and projects aimed to make our school and local environment more sustainable. We won’t have you sitting inside a classroom, but we provide you with real-life experiences, often organised outside in the open air.

Join us!

Meet students from different study programmes and varying cultural backgrounds, and have fun whilst doing good!

We don't work with a formal membership system; you can just participate once or several times. Only if you aim to become a board member or take up a management position do we expect a longer term commitment from you.

You can join one or several of our projects. Have a project or event idea of your own? We would love to hear about it and help make it into reality.

How to find us?

Email: greenoffice@hz.nl

You can get to know us better by joining one of our weekly meetings: every Wednesday 12:15-13:00 at PE214. You can also join the meetings online. Just email us, if you're interested.

Find us in our physical office is located at the end of the PE-2 hallway at the HZ in Vlissingen. The space is not just our office, it's also meant to be used as a green collaborative workzone. On Tuesday morning from 10-12h, you can find us in our "popup office" in the hallway at Groene Woud Middelburg. Feel free to drop by!

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Our Mission, Vision and Goals

Our Mission: Our aim is to be the facilitating body in connecting people with sustainability by building and strengthening our community around action-based initiatives that generate a positive impact and inspire others.

Our Vision: HZ Green Office aspires to become a living lab that encourages its diverse student body by design to be the sustainability leaders of tomorrow.

Our Goals: 

  • Walk the talk: HZ GO! stimulates internal stakeholders to act as role models (being part of our role in renewing/improving the social fabric of society)
  • Aid the HZ University of Applied Sciences in their goal of incorporating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)
  • Strengthen our shared values by cultivating the local sustainability community and connecting people throughout Zeeland 
  • Offer students practical and hands-on experience through our projects and activities

The HZ Green Office informs, connects, and supports students and staff to act on sustainability. At the same time, we develop our own ideas to embed sustainability in education, research, or the operations. Our goal is to build and strengthen our (international) student community, connecting with each other around action-based sustainability initiatives that generate a positive impact and inspire others.

Read our: HZ Green Office Report 2020 and the Green Office Report 2021 Q1

HZ Green Office in the Media

HZ Green Office is regularly covered by the local media.

Below, you can read some of the most recent news items.

HZ students cleanup litter by the canal. The action took place one day before mowing the grass. With this, the initiators wanted to prevent the litter from being shredded into small pieces and ending up in the environment. The action took place one day before mowing. With this, the initiators wanted to prevent the litter from being shredded into small pieces and ending up further in the environment. At the end of the action, five full garbage bags with litter and a bicycle were found.

Green Office coordinator Svetlana Vylkova cycled to COP26 in Glasgow last December. Svetlana got featured in the ‘Ambassador Spotlight’ of One Young World. One recognizes #OYW Ambassadors for leading projects globally, creating substantial impact across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Check out Ambassador Spotlights: January 2022 to view the feature & learn about the impactful initiatives led by Avinash Pratap Singh, Hakiem Lalmahomed. Kisubi Denis, Rufaro Mudimu, Calvin Jodisi and Svetana Vylkova!

PZC, 12 February 2022, Eva uit Terneuzen knokt voor een betere wereld. Green Office's secretary, Eva Boerjan was one of three local activists that was featured in an article in our local newspaper about local activists in Zeeland. On Thursday 17 Feb 19:00, Cinecity is showing the movie Bigger than Us about young activists all around the world. The organization for Four Freedoms gave away 300 free tickets. After the movie, we had a dialogue about young activism lead by UCR and HZ students.

PZC 7 February Ruilbeurs Scalda, HZ en UCR in Bibliotheek Middelburg ‘Studenten achter naaimachine pimpen je kleding’, announcing the clothes swap we organised together with Eleanor Green Office, Scalda Green Office and Zeeuwse Bibliotheek. During the entire week we collected clothes at HZ Vlissingen and HZ Middelburg and organised the clothes swap on Friday. We donated all left-over clothes to Kledingbank Zeeland and raised 186 euro, as a donation for the Kledingbank!